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Important points in Traffic Exchange

The importance of traffic has been recognized along the internet marketing industry, especially the traffic exchange sector. Traffic is the lifeblood of online sites and businesses and this is the 1st thing that is being addressed by the traffic exchange.

Since its being, traffic exchange has been raised to be the easiest and most cost efficient way to direct traffic to web sites/blogs. Most traffic exchanges nowadays have both free and paid memberships. You can simply sign up for one if you prefer to give it a try. It fundamentally works with a membership system where all the members help one another bring traffic to his or her sites/blogs.

After signing up,you automatically become a member. You then have the chance to post the web page that you want to show or to direct traffic to. Then...start browsing the sites or web pages of the other members within the traffic exchange. You earn credits for every site or page that you view, and you shall set apart these credits to your site or page in order to set it on cue along with the sites of the other members within the program.

Once somebody views your site or page, the credits you assigned get consumed. So, you need to regularly view the sites or pages of the other members within the program so you continuously drive traffic to your site or page.

Moreover, there is a minimum timeframe per page view. It ranges from 10 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the program. You need to stay on the page within the timeframe and you are only allowed to go to the next page by clicking on the correct icon on the screen. Take note that you need to click on the correct one. You will not gain credits if you clicked on the wrong icon and there are even some traffic exchanges that log you out after 3 incorrect clicks. This is to prevent possible cheating and to be sure that real persons browse within the program.

Considering that most people who would view your site or page are your fellow internet marketers and that you have a very limited minimum timeframe to view a page, you already have an idea of the best page to show inside the program. It must be tempting enough to take hold of your viewers’ attention and earn their interest. It must also be requiring enough to move the viewers to take favourable action towards your online business.

This action does not need to be about pushing the viewers to make a purchase at the onset of seeing the page. This will most likely scare your potential customers away. The best thing is to give them a free offer, and have an opt-in form where they can leave their contact details such as their names and email addresses. Give them the free offer in exchange with their info.

Traffic exchange is more than a technique to drive traffic to your sites. It is also a way to capture leads and build a list. Considering these basic points is a guide to a powerful internet marketing strategy, and a way to your online business success.



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