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Blog Traffic Tips (part-1)

This is some methods that can easily drive in major traffic to your Blog.
You might already know some of them, but others might be new and could help you develop your Blog.

1. Create Original Content Of Significant Value

Content is king. If you have been in the Internet marketing scene for any period of time you would have heard this saying day in and day out. Every Internet marketing manual has this as it's mantra and rightly so.
One of the biggest problems people have when blogging has nothing to do with the lack of traffic coming to their site. It's a symptom of something more sinister. Bad content. Even worse than poorly written original content is content that is not original at all. This is the death bell for all blogs that want to be taken seriously.
You HAVE to have unique content. It is the lifeblood of blogging. Every other blog is lacking in original content, you have to be different.
Pay someone to write it if you have to just make sure the content is valuable.
2. Create Content That Gives People A Plan Of Action
Want to get people to not only read your blog but follow your word blindly and do your bidding for you? I kid you not, people will fall over themselves to do what you say if you do this. You just have to tell them what to do.
This is the greatest idea, especially if you are pre-selling an affiliate program via your blog. Every one of your posts you write should give people an action that could be taken by the reader.
IE, every idea you give the reader, they should be able to go and implement in their business right away.
I'm not sure who I read this from but I remember reading that the best way to sell a product or an affiliate product, especially in the Internet marketing arena is to give them a plan that they can follow and implement straight away and then give them the resources to do that with.
A lot of people write ebooks or articles or blogs that are very informative but don't really pre-sell what they are trying to promote.
Giving people a plan they can follow straight away after reading what you wrote will give them that incentive to buy that recommended product from you instead of another affiliate.
3. Create Content That Is Timeless
If you want your blog to be around for a while and you want readers to come in 5 years time and still find your content relevant to them, you need to make sure the content is timeless, whether they read it in 3 months, 3 years or 30 years.
This not only means you don't have to keep updating your content every 6 months which will save you time, it also helps with other people who you may allow to use your content on their websites. They are sure not going to update your content for you.
write an article that slightly embarrassed with having name on. It was cutting edge at the time, but it's so old it's funny.
Some topics however, will always be timeless. Find those, write on them.

Oke...i will tell you more about blog traffic latter :D
for your blog success!



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